Thursday, April 20, 2006

peak oil pandemic: how many miles per gallon can you go? Answer: as many as you can afford.

Above: A 'Total' petrol station, central London, yesterday. Peak oil = total rip off.

FUEL rationing has started in Britain, as oil prices go up again in the latest 'peak media' Iranian 'oil flu' scare.

Oil companies profits are expected to go pandemic. The rich won't care, but the worker ants will just have to pay more to crawl in jams to work, listening to radio stations called 'Capital Radio', and 'Fools FM'. Essentially the fuel increases amount to a massive cut in wages, and a huge tax increase.

Millions of British bloated consumers will be forced to tighten their over priced designer belts, and only spend £40 a week on mind constricting drugs instead of £80. Crack-sugar and fat 'corner-shop' dealers are expected to be hit hard.

Meanwhile the occupation (by cars) continues, despite mounting casualties from suicide drivers who are targeting fundamentalist bicycle riders in an attempt to start a civil war.

A UN peace keeping coalition force (London Transport) lead by Ken Livingstone is struggling to keep control of the capital.

But their courageous struggle is being undermined by misguided foreign 'pollution' campaigners who are calling for a total withdrawal of all buses and underground trains, and by people who only use Taxi's and personal helicoptors.

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