Friday, April 21, 2006

Queen's 80th Birthday: God Save The Queen - Britain's Dali Lama

GOD Save The Queen - the Holy Woman of Britain, Tribal Leader, Witch Doctor, Herbal Healer of the People, Mother of All Mothers, the Face on the Fiver, Englands Best Football Manager, Madonna of Westminster, Christmas Speach Guru, Pagan Princess, Grandma Poet, West End Girl, Punker than Punk, The Unknown Raver, Friend of the Homeless, Back Room Operator, Worldwide Revolutionary, Special Agent, Bigger than the Beatles, Peace Maker, Anti War Activist, Defender of All Faiths, the Acceptable Face of Monarchy, better than the Pope; she's Britain's Dali Lama, and One Special Lady.

Above & Below: The Queen's 'Safe House' (Buckingham Palace) on her 80'th Birthday. Some mean minded people want to evict her and her family from their Westminster council house, but it won't happen because Britain is a Welfare State, and that includes everyone, including the Royal Family, plus we need the extra tourist cash and worldwide royalties the 'Monarchy Show' brings in.

It is so telling that the Fascist BNP (British 'National' Party) shares with the equally unpopular and unpleasant 'Socialist Actors Party', the 'Yuppitistas' (so called 'Anarchists'), Guardian Writers and Fundamentalist 'Green' Year Zeroists, their small minded, anti monarchist, anti democratic, anti freedom, pro mob rule embitterments, while the rest of the country cheers the Queen, and the future King Charles III, where ever they go.

Above: Coolest Software Queen - she was doing email before most people on the internet were born, much less blogging, and through the 'Common Wealth' has helped the poorest people in the world get online.

Above and below: friendly minders at the queen's safe house (Buckingham Palace). "The Tourists love it and the Monarchy brings in way more cash than it costs - excellent value for money." (Which Ruler Magazine)

The 'Monarchy Show' - best soap opera ever, starring 'The Queen', continues tomorrow. This is one program the BBC will never take off, despite protests from the Mary Whitehouse brigade.

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