Monday, April 10, 2006

bird flu hype: fowl! It's not what you think - it's worse.

Phew! We can relax, it is all a conspiracy after all and bird flu is just a big hype to cover up the .... total break down of the environment and the end of the world.

After schmoo's 'panic posts' about bird flu we have received a pandemic of press releases from fans of the author of 'Fowl', Dr. Sherri J Tenpenny - and a link to her great website (we especially like the animation of a freaking chicken - check it out!).

"FOWL!" is an investigative report into how dioxins, POPs and other environment chemicals are contributing to illness in migratory birds, chickens and humans by making them more susceptible to the effects of influenza viruses.

The avian flu scare is just the latest act in an ongoing world government drama. This book is a disclosure about betrayals on many levels. Here are a few of the truths that will be exposed: - Who wants the rural chickens dead? Who benefits from the destruction of the family farm, here and abroad? - What are the real reasons that domestic chickens and ducks are sick? - What is the connection between toxic environmental conditions and the death ofmigratory birds? - Why are human deaths associated with bird flu concentrated in Southeast Asia? - Who benefits from the manufacture of a 'pandemic vaccine'? What's in it? - Why vaccines are not the answer.
Check their very scary website - it's more scary than bird flu, guaranteed.

• Dr. Sherri J Tenpenny, author of 'FPWL!' will be a guest for a three hour LIVE interview on Coast-to-Coast AM with George Noory on Tuesday night, April 11. The interview will be from 11p-2aPST (2a to 5aEST on Wednesday morning.) Check

schmoo adds: Some people seem to think 'the elite' are behind the bird flu. Of course the 'bird flu' would be perfect for 'the elite' to wipe out most of the population of the planet very quickly and cheaply - concentration camps are way too expensive to be practical, as Hitler discovered.

However it could get boring if too many people died - not enouph slaves for example. Plus TV would get worse (i.e. soap operas would only have one or two characters).

Still at least there would be no wars, as there would be no one to fight them - bad for employment and the industrial military complex though. Also no factory workers in Asia to make luxury electronic goods for 'the elite'.

Question: if most of the worlds population is dead how could 'the elite' be 'the elite' anymore? There would be nobody left to be elitist over. They'd all be 'equals' - sounds like communism! Does this mean the 'the elite' are communists, or even anarchists? George Bush for example, seems more like an anarchist than a communist - but maybe he is not really part of 'the elite' because they are ment to be clever, unless he is just pretending to be stupid as cover which is possible (i.e. really his 'gaffs' are all scripted, and he screwed up the invasion of Iraq and New Orleans and is threatening Iran on purpose, just to put up the price of oil).

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