Wednesday, April 5, 2006

gutter politicians: george galloway attacks freedom of press - to be fake sheiks

Who is more worthy of great praise?

Is it the wonderful, handsome, talented, genius George Galloway, whose main wealth comes from suing people and is winner of 20 libel actions?

Or is it one of the most successful journalists in recent times, Mazher Mahmood who works for the authoritative journal of political analysis the 'News of the World', and has brilliantly exposed a string of double dealers, hypocrites and bent people of almost every description? His trick is to persuade his victims that he is a rich arab sheik - their greed gets them every time. Even the cynical Galloway could not resist an invitation from the 'sheik' to the Dorchester Hotel recently.

We have decided the greatest praise is due to the press freedom loving George Galloway, who voted to ban magic mushrooms and has that sexy 'concentration camp organiser' glint in his eyes. After all Galloway would never want to open prison camps in Scotland for dissident journalists like Mazher Mahmood as Stalin did in Siberia. If Galloway achieves his dream (and most people's nightmare), of having his 'Respect' party ruling Britain without Parliament, he will probably just make them read his speeches, and go to a few 'glorification of the leader' classes.

The brilliant and astute politician has been trying to prevent Mazher Mahmood excercising his freedom of expression as a fake sheik by posting his photograph in the 'Respect' website and exposing his name - which will be of great interest to the numerous seriously bad criminals he has helped put behind bars.

What a great man of the people George Galloway is! What a star. He deserves every respect. We hear he is looking for a new wife after his last one left him. What a great catch he will be for any woman - especially if she is an under cover journalist working for the 'News of the World.'

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