Sunday, April 9, 2006

london cares: "don't beg off the beggers" campaign launched by westminster council

Above: An 'out of order' Westminster Council beggar robot 'meter maid'; 'aggressive begging' at it's worst say selfish, filthy, car owners who want a free lunch.

Londoners are being asked to stop "begging off the beggars" by Westminster Council in their 'Killing With Kindness' campaign. It has been dubbed 'out of order' by homeless charity 'Forgotten My Address' which helps drugs users who forget where they live, and become unintentionally homeless.

A spokesperson for Westminster Council said "It's just not fair to ask these beggars for money - they have got habits to support. It is kinder to be cruel and give them as much cash as you can - that increases the chance of them killing themselves."

Mr Bin Laden of 'Forgotten My Address' (FA), said this advice was "out of order" and argued that asking beggars for money increased their sense of self worth. "You can make their day just asking them for the price of a double expresso - or even a smoothie. They can't afford it, but what Westminster Council does not understand is that giving is receiving!"

FA is supported by the positive thinking religious organisation FATWA (Fuck All To Worry About).

Meanwhile the editor of the 'Big Tissue' which guilt ridden Londoners can buy to mop up their crocodile tears regarding the serious homeless problem amongst genuine working class people from the North who dream of being successful 'Middle Class Southern Anarchists', billionaire DJ's squatting in Brixton, or Greed Party Candidates said: "Don't give to beggars, buy our 'Big Tissue' - then you can be really sure you are not helping anyone".

schmoo says: homelessness is a serious problem and no one should laugh about it. Thankfully the likes of the 'New Tory' Westminster Council are doing everything they can. Hey! Don't laugh!

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