Monday, April 10, 2006

italian election: Berlusconi set to lose, bookies to win, in best bet logo vote

EXIT polls (sondaggi elezioni) just released say the right wing Berlusconi will be voted out of power in a blow to Mussolini devotees, but boosting the influence of online bookmakers as gamblers are proved right.

Berlusconi, whose center right coalition includes Neo-Fascists pretending to be right wing Tories, once said that Mussolini "Wasn't that bad".

In Italy, sensible but technologically flawed electoral law bans opinion polls two weeks before polling day. However this just means that the odds at online book makers like 'Paddy Power' can influence an election - and it looks like the odds were right.

As the Italians started voting yesterday, Paddy Power had Prodi 2-9 favourite and Berusconi quoted at 11-4. Meanwhile over at 'Betfair' Prodi had 1-5 odds and Berlusconi was 4-1.

Reutors is reporting that gamblers had placed £200,000 on Prodi, but just £70,000 on Berusconi. Paddy Power says they will make 10-15,000 euros if the center-left candidate Prodi wins.


• Anyone who still believes that proportional representation, which guarantees representation to fascists, racists, the Green Party and Mingers, is a good idea, should try downloading the Italian 'Ministero dell'Interno' web-page listing the logos of all the parties taking part in the election. It's designer politics gone mad. There are so many obscure party logos, it takes about 5 minutes to download the page - on broadband! May the best logo win.

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