Wednesday, August 9, 2006

axis of evil: usa, uk, israel

Above: the three biggest arms dealers in the world are doing a summer sale - in Lebanon. Tanks are only £9999999.10p - dead kids thrown in free (loss leaders).

Above: shoes representing dead civilians killed by Israel in Lebanon (and Palestine) scatter the street during a demo in London out side the home of the child killer and apologist for mass murder Tony Blair (10 Downing Street).

The worst appeaser of facism since Neville Chamberlain then went on holiday.

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Jeneliya desha Nismukanian said...

Am not understanding. This Hesbullah, they are Israel's enemies, no? And then they kidnap two Israelite soldiers, and do not give them back. Therefore the only proper course of action is to destroy Hesbullah and kill all of its members. This is only way to treat enemies of the state. Israel is holding back, should attack more.