Sunday, July 23, 2006 yahoo server down ... again

Today is 'Black Sunday Too'. First of all the electricity in the schmoo 'safe house' (somewhere in London's West End) went out for three hours this afternoon. And Yahoo's servers have gone down ... again (last time it was a Sunday too). And their stock has gone down too. It is too much.

However it is hard to feel sorry for Yahoo - after all they are directly responsible for several bloggers being in jail today somewhere in China.

The moment we can get in to we are copying the address book to gmail and deleating our account.

Gmail is a much better service anyway. Although Google does agree to operate under Chinese censorship rules in China (which in practice means Chinese users get a better service rather than a load of 'dead' (executed?) censored links), at least they do not grass up bloggers, and hand over personal email records to the Chinese Click Cops.

And forget 'hotmail' - they don't call it 'hot' for nothing you know.

Let us just hope Yahoo comes on line again long enough to let us copy our address book before they go down - forever.

The ominously named 'Bloggeroffline' is reporting that their contact in claims that the Yahoo informer portal will be "back up" (grassing it's users up) at midnight (when Dracula wakes up presumably).


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