Sunday, July 16, 2006

Israel: murderous machine

Above: Beirut Blitz today.


It is hard to think who is the most nasty naughty kid in the 'playground' - Israel or Hezbollah. They are both behaving like horrible little brats, but the biggest bully is obviously Israel. Forget all that politically correct 'hippy parenting' stuff: what they both need is being grabed by the ears, having their heads banged together, and being sent to their bedrooms to cool off (and no Telly). What outrageous behaviour!


Then they need to go to some conflict resolution classes for 'problem children' (spoiled brats). The really worrying one is Israel; obviously mentally disturbed and may need to be sent to a special school for a while. Hezbollah will also need therapy after suffering years of bullying and abuse.

As for the parents (USA, UK, FRANCE, RUSSIA, SYRIA & IRAN)? They are the real ones to blame - some people just should not have kids!

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