Thursday, July 6, 2006

john prescott admits 'dome' love

schmoo was woken up today by John Prescott, the veteran tory basher, sitting on the end of our bed. Somehow he got through security (there will be an investigation), and into the schmoo 'safe-house' accompanied by John Humphreys of the BBC Radio 4 'Today' program.

Bleary eyed schmoo (still recovering from celebrating the end of Portugal), then had to listen to the two of them having a very stupid and heated argument about nothing very much for over 20 minutes.

John Humphrey's seemed to be obsessed with Prescott's sex life. Is he jealous? The implied insinuation that it is wrong to have a sex life is very worrying. Are the 'Puritans' going to win the next election?

At one point Prescott said "There is no truth in much of the stories". So some of them must be true, but which one? For example schmoo has heard that Prescott is in love with what he calls the 'Jewel of London' - the attractive and shapely (if you like big ones) east end 'Dome'.


It is obvious that poor old 'Prezza' is under a sustained 'dirty tricks' attack by the hypocritical Tories, and their vile supporters in the press.

But what is really disgusting is the attacks by 'left wing' Labour MPs and other so called 'radicals'. Thease 'double agents' are the very people who helped the Tories to ransack Britain for 18 years. Now these Tories in disguise seem to be doing their level best to do the same again. Why don't they just admit it - they want David Cameron to be the next Prime Minister!

Less well known is the 'black blogging' psyco ops campaign being run against Prescott by 'rogue' members of 'M15' who want to declare martial rule, so they can put 'lads magazines' on the 'top shelf'.


schmoo supports John Prescott in turning "unemployment into jobs, homelessness into homes" - but then we supported the england team and look what happened to them.

It is good to hear that Prescott plans to stay - anything is better than the Tory Anarchists and their perverted blogger friends (not that we have anything against cross dressers - just hypocites and two timing police informers).

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Daniel Lennard said...

It is clear - and agreed by many labour MPs - that almost of all Prescott endeavours have been failures. Surely no-one can believe that this man should be left in charge of the country when the Prime Minister is on holiday.