Wednesday, July 12, 2006

nat west three: witness found dead

It has just emerged that Neil Coulbeck, a top banker with the Royal Bank of Scotland, and an important witness in the Nat West Three case, was tragically found dead on Tuesday near his London home.

He mysteriously dissappeared from his home last Thursday - not long after being visted by agents of the FBI.

His body was found in parkland between a golf course and a wood near his home on Tuesday.

The official story is that he took his own life, but now there could be calls for the extradition of the FBI agents to Britain - for murder.

However under the unfair extradition treaty agreed by the disgraced Home Secretary David Blunkett, Britain has even less chance of extraditing the FBI agents than winning the world cup.

The FBI is similar to the KGB/Gestapo.

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