Monday, July 3, 2006

mexican election: will 'Mañana' ever come for left?

It is not looking good for Mexico with election officials announcing the 'results' will not be announced (fixed) until Wednesday.

All the signs are that this is the lastest move in one of the dirtiest election ever in a country who's politics are so corrupt they usually announce election results in advance.

In a typical last minute.con twister, Mexico's 'Pinocet', ex President Luis Echeverría was arrested on genocide charges just two days before election day. The long over due arrest was due to his likely role in ordering the 1968 massacre of student protesters in Mexico City. A march of about 200 students was ambushed by police armed with machine guns who then opened fire killing dozens. Many of the survivors escaped into the jungles around Acopilco, and spent the next 20 years kidnapping American 'gringo' tourists, and growing excellent marijuana.

Ironically the Echeverría arrest will probally have helped the right wing 'National Action Party' candidate Felipe Calderón in the election. The 'NAP' has been raking in the bribes ('ruling') for the last five years, and have been strongly criticised for a lack of action against the mass killer.


Meanwhile the 'filthy gringos' (as all decent Mexicans call their American 'evil empire' neighbours), have been doing everything they can to help stop Mexico joining the Latin American move to the left. Currently Bush has been massing troops on the border. Supposedly the troops are there to stop the 'wet-back' so called 'illegal immigrants' getting into California and Texas - which used to be part of Mexico.

However unlikely it may be, it is indicative of how little the 'gringos' are trusted that many people believe the troops are there for another reason - to invade if Mexico elects a left wing government.

• It's obvious which side the money is on in this election: Bloomberg is reporting a massive surge on the peso, with the biggest gain in six years. This is on news that the rightwing, gringo foot licking candidate, Felipe Calderon (a Mexican clone of Britain's tory David Cameron), is taking the lead (in fixing the results in his favour). Mexican stocks and bonds have also leapt in value.

Calderon, seems to know something no one else does. He is quoted today as saying: "In terms of probability, a reversal is impossible."

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