Friday, July 7, 2006

Cannabis Crisis: 'Hemp Expo' in Coventry Cancelled

Above: Spaced out - the 'Ricoh Arena' whose Directors have banned the 'Hemp Expo', claims that the logo on the roof is visable from the moon.

schmoo has just heard that the massive 'Hemp & Hydro Expo (2006)' organised by the cannabis magazine 'Weed World' at the newly opened Ricoh Arena (pictured above) in Coventry, has been banned by the directors of 'Arena Coventry Limited' (very limited it seems).

Weed World says:

"Despite having complete access to the exhibitors list from the offset, the board of the arena have chosen this; the last minute, to notify us. The reason we have been given by the board for cancelling the show, lies within certain recent media coverage within the UK and their connection with certain exhibitors. Their reasons: Unhappy with certain exhibitors and their products. The local Constabulary were contacted by Ricoh for their advice - the Police had no concerns with the event going ahead - as long as it were managed correctly. The decision to cancel the event was taken solely by the Directors of the Board, and not Ricoh staff.

Weed World, deeply regret this u turn in policy and will be refunding in full, anyone who has a stand booked. Ricoh Arena have promised to refund all exhibitors who have booked a hotel room at the arena. We are deeply concerned for exhibitors and stall holders alike; an awful lot of work has gone into the preparation and promotion of this event. Unfortunately, as with all events of this ilk - Directors have the last say, we have tried contesting this decision - sadly to no avail."

People from all over the world were expected, including several bands from the USA which were to take part in the 'Global Marijuana Music Awards'.

'Weed World' is desperately contacting people from as far away as Japan telling them to cancell their flights. Please only phone their office if absolutely necessary.

Last year over 12,000 people attended the event which was held in Wembley, London.

'Weed World' says all stall holders will receive a refund for stalls, and they are also trying to get compensation for those who have arranged shipments to the UK from abroad.

They are now working to rearrange the event, but it looks like that will not be until next year due to the logistics of organising what was a popular, as well as very professionally run event.

The Ricoh Arena is run and managed by 'Arena Coventry Ltd', a 'joint venture' company consisting of 'Coventry City Council' (currently controlled by the Tories) and the 'Alan Higgs Charity'.

Coventry Council tax payers learnt recently that they would have to pay an extra 2.9 million for the £113 million Ricoh Arena which was to have been the venue for the Hemp Expo.

Local MP is Geoffrey Robinson, known as the 'ultimate champagne socialist'. In 2002 he was arrested for speeding, and detained for suspected possession of cocaine, but no evidence was found to link the discovery to him. Robinson has had a long association with Coventry City Football Club, whose home ground has been the Richo Arena since August 2005.

More on this soon

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Alasdair MacGhabhain said...

It appears to be very easy to effectively ban a cannabis exhibition whether or not the local people are happy with it, but when local people express real concerns about an arms exhibition then there is f. all they can do to stop it.