Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Honours for cash crisis: police arrest closest Blair associate

Lord Levy, Tony Blair's closest associate and tennis chum was in police custody today, suspected of selling seats in the House of Lords (possibly on Ebay?).

The BBC is describing this as a "political bombshell."

"There could not be anyone on earth closer to Tony Blair than Lord Levy"

It is a major blow to Blair as the police net closes in around Number 10.

Lord Levy was a top fund raiser for the Labour Party before the election. If he is charged it will be very difficult for Tony Blair to avoid being dragged into the case - and even into jail!

What ever happens this is a disaster for Blair - but it could also be the end.

Tony Blair could be the best Prime Minister Britain has ever had - arrested.

There is only one defence now for Lord Levy - he should claim it is all a big mistake; he was selling seats for 'Lords Cricket Ground' not the 'House of Lords'.

Lord Levy has just been released on bail "pending police enquiries", and has issued a statement saying he is innocent of any wrong doing, and does not expect to be charged by the police (usually there is no charge for staying in a prison cell).

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