Thursday, July 13, 2006

Urgent: stop Antony Aghayere being deported to Nigeria on a Virgin plane today

Today at least four people will be leaving Britain against their will and to the sorrow and anger of their families, friends and supporters.

The Nat West Three will be on a flight from Gatwick to Houston Texas in the full glare of publicity. Meanwhile the far less well known ANTONY AGHAYERE has a flight booked by the Home Office leaving Heathrow for Lagos, Nigeria (Virgin Atlantic Flight VS651 leaving at 22.00). He should not be on this flight! Below is a letter from him describing his plight.


Antony Osas Aghayere, Colnbrook Immigration Removal Centre, Colnbrook By Pass, Harmondsworth, West Drayton, UB7 0FX. Port Ref : MKE / 1017651

Hello Everyone,

My name is Antony Osas Aghayere. I was born on the 17/08/70 in Nigeria. I am a detainee at Colnbrook Immigration Removal Centre.

I have been detained since the 11th of March 06. I entered the country with a forged passport on the 4/01/96, because my life was in danger in Nigeria.

I lost my family in 1995. They were physically assaulted and blown up inside their car (my dad, mum, four sisters and my little brother) and my family home was burnt down, because my dad was in the military and working undercover for the cause of the Ogoni people, about the oil crisis and treatment of the Ogoni people.

My dad was secretly working for Ken Saro Wiwa, who was the head of their organisation, before his untimely death. I was the only member of my family who survived, and before my escape, i was physically and sexually abused by the people who killed my family.

The reason, i am writing this letter is to ask for your support and bring my situation to your attention, because i am been deported back to the country who killed my family and almost destroyed my life, on the 13th of July. I am the only surviving member of my family, i have been through dehumanizing situations, been robbed of my freedom. Nigeria is purely an authoritarian country that tolerates no independence or individuality.

I was supposed to be in court on the 27th of April 06 for my human rights and bail hearing, but the immigration service refused to take me to court, and the hearing went ahead in my absence. No explanation was ever given to me for this. All they said was that my name "was not on the computer"! I can only assume that it was bad administration that led to me missing my hearing. The judge refused my case, and i had no opportunity to present my new evidence.

Since i have been in this country, i have had no criminal convictions and i have never claimed any state benefits. I have worked as a door supervisor in clubs in Central London to make ends meet, i have always obeyed the laws of the land. I am a christian and i have been in a long stable relationship for six years.

Your help will be greatly appreciated, because you will be saving my life, because upon my return to Nigeria, i will be tortured and eventually killed. I was about to go back to college and continue the IT course i was doing, when all this happened.

Please save me from this unwarranted death sentence. All the members of my extended family all live and work in the UK, because they were born here, i have no one over in Nigeria.



Please fax ...

Minister of State, Home Office, Liam Byrne, fax: 020 7219 2417.
Steve Ridgway, Chief Executive, Virgin Air, fax: 01293 444 124.

More details, back ground information, and sample protest letters

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