Monday, July 10, 2006

nat west three: their flights are booked - but not on Virgin

The government is saying that the campaign to support the Nat West Three is motivated by "anti americanism" - for once they are 100% correct.

The Americans are world famous for their inhuman prison system, their terrible food, their mindless TV, and not being able to play football. It is obviously against the European Human Rights laws for anyone brought up on the BBC to be forced to go to America against their will.

Also, under the unfair, one sided extradition agreement that Britain signed with the US, there is no guarantee that the prisoners will be flown to the Evil Empire on a British Airline.

The final insult to our national sovereignty is that the Nat West Three will not even be allowed to fly with Virgin!

Virgin does an excellent service to Houston, Texas, with a free 'hospitality' limo service to the prison of your choice.


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