Wednesday, July 12, 2006

nat west three: last day of freedom in britain

What it must be like for the Nat West Three we can only imagine; the last day before a very uncertain future in the land of prison food that is America.

Meanwhile the political fall out for the collaborators in the Home Office is gaining momentum.

Yesterday the brave Lords voted to end the 'Kidnappers Charter' with the Nazi hostage takers in America. Although too late to save the Nat West Three, this may help Gary McKinnon, and other British citizens being threatened with unhuman sentences (up to 70 years in Gary McKinnons case).


Today MP's are forcing an emergency debate which will further embarrass the traitors in the 'corridors of weakness', who are ready to hand British citizens over without even being provided with any evidence.

Where is our Queen? Where is our Prime Minister? Where are our Generals? Have they all been abducted by the United States of Aliens (USA)?


Another top british buisnessman due to be abducted by the Americans is Ian Norris.

More soon


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