Saturday, July 22, 2006

Blair on the run?

There were calls today to "tag" Tony Blair the Prime Minister due to fears that he may be a 'flight risk' after confessing in Parliament this week that he supports terrorism - and the Israeli war criminal 'Zionist' terror gang.

Thousands of people are to march through London today demanding his arrest and extradition - to Palestine.

Charges of 'aiding and abetting' war criminals, mugging, anti social behaviour, and 'glorifying terrorism' are being considered.

Above: Today armed police were surrounding Blair's house in Londons fashionable 'Whitehall' area.


Meanwhile in a ground breaking historical first, police officers from Scotland Yard may interview the British Prime Minister 'under caution' over his involvement in a massive protection racket being run in the House of Lords.

There have been complains that 'enforcers' working for Blair, the 'godfather of white coller crime in Britain', have been targeting old millionaries and billionares by threatening to take away their chance of a place to sit in the House of Lords if they do not hand over millions in cash.

"This is a cowardly crime in which paid thugs target old people who only want to be able to sit down" said a police spokesperson.

The 'Westminster Three' campaign has been launched by a number of top bankers to fight the extradition of Tony Blair, Margaret Beckett and John Prescott to Palestine, where they could spend up to 30 years living under Israeli oppression.

Child killers - 45% of the deaths in Lebanon are children.

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