Saturday, July 15, 2006

afganistan: british hooligans run amock - 200 dead

British hooligans, known throughout the world for their mindless violence and heavy drinking, have hit a new low - they have trashed a town in Afganistan and could have killed up to 200 people.

Not suprisingly the hooligans are now being attacked by local residents who are understandably outraged and furious. They want the 'lowlife scum' to cut short their visit and go back to Britain.

The hooligans, who disgrace the image of Britain by their disgusting and inexcusable behaviour, deny they have hurt anyone - although they admit destroying a school building!

The pathetic morons say they were being attacked by local residents - and we can only imagin why!

These evil child killers make good people ashamed to be British.


Believe It Or Not: American hooligans who have destroyed hundreds of homes in Afganistan in decadent binge bombing sessions, which can last over a week at a time, have come up with a typical 'coke culture' plan to make amends - rebuild the homes using polystyrene! The 'Yank Trash Culture' bullies plan to rebuild Kabul as a plastic version of 'New Orleans' - and then export homeless New Orlean drug addicts to work for 'War Lords' (the Afgan 'Walmarts') harvesting the opium crop.

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