Thursday, July 6, 2006

john prescott: he could be doomed after all as gays go in for the kill


The government may have banned fox hunting - but in a technical mistake they forgot to include 'Prescott Hunting' which is becoming the most popular national sport in Britain after 'England' failed in their attempt to win the World War Cup.

It has emerged that Mr Anschutz the American billionaire owner of the London 'Dome' who is at the centre of the latest attacks on Prescott, is a supporter of a rabid anti gay organisation called 'Colorado for Family Values' who believe it is possible to 'cure' homosexuality.

Leaping on this information, the gay movement, lead by the leader of the 'Homophobic Hunt' Peter Thatchell has joined the national 'hue and cry' lynch mob hunt for Prescott.

Ironically they are 'riding with' the Daily Mail, the Conservative Party and just about every bigot in Britain - most of whom really are homophobic, unlike Prescott.

So now Prescott is being attacked 'by association' for being anti gay just because he has to do buisness with this American bigot in his role as Deputy Prime Minister.

Prescott's only chance now may be if the anti animal hunting people come to his rescue.

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