Friday, July 7, 2006

7/7 bombings: london silence and defiance

Above: All over London people of all ages and backgrounds spontaneously came out of their offices, out of cafes, and even out of the pubs and betting shops, for 2 minutes silence in memory of the victims of the 7/7 terror bombings in london one year ago.

It was a remarkablly emotional occasion with more than one person bursting into tears on the street, but there was also anger at the people who could do such a terrible crime against humanity.


Meanwhile the government has refused to have an independent public enquiry. This is a mistake - there are too many un answered questions regarding what went wrong on 7/7.

Why did the victims at Edgeware Road have to wait one hour before the emergency services got to them? This is just one vital question which deserves an answer, but there are many others.

Here at schmoo we find the conspiracy theories that say that "the Jews did it" to be obscene anti semitism worthy of the Nazis, not modern progressive people - but sadly they seem to be the view of many Independent readers! The idea that "Blair organised it" is also utterly ridiculous, hardly worthy of an answer - except that too many people are prepared to consider it might be possible. Sadly there are many cynical, gullible and frankly stupid people all too ready to add such ideas to their paranoid world-view. This is why a public enquiry so necessary - it should be paid for by the Department of Education.

Only an independent public enquiry will draw a line on these conspiracy theories.

But even more important are the many victims of the 7.7 bombings who survived (often with terrible injuries). Many of them feel that the emergency services were sadly deficient on the day, and if anyone deserves an enquiry they do. Everyone in London deserves an enquiry; we are told another attack is likely, we need to be sure we are much better prepared - our lives depend on it.

There are also big question marks over why the security services failed to stop the bombers.


Meanwhile the 'video message from hell' by one of the bombers released in the Middle East only serves to strengthen the view that terrorism is the sanction of twisted fools and patsies - but we need to address the valid issues that create the people who are so full of hate.

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