Friday, July 14, 2006

Terrorists bomb Beirut Airport & 'Road to Damascus'

Beirut Airport and several residential areas in the Lebanese capital have been attacked by terrorist bombers. Many civilians have been killed.

Anti terror police believe the coordinated attacks bear all the hallmarks of funtamentalist terrorists belonging to the extreme 'Zionist' sect, which operates out of Israel.

It is believed the Zionists are part of a worldwide terrorist network known as the 'United States of America'.

The terrorists are also supported by arms dealers with links to what security experts call the 'world capital of terrorism' - Washington DC.


World leaders across the world have expressed their disgust at the latest terrorist outrage.

It is believed the killers are spurred on with 'teachings' broadcast on the extreme American television station 'Fox TV by the hardline terror leader George Bush, who has personally executed over 150 people.

The latest chilling statement broadcast by 'Fox TV' has been described as 'sick and evil'.


Meanwhile the Zionist terrorists have even attacked the Road to Damascus. Jesus Christ who is seen as a great prophet by both Muslims and Christians, appeared on the 'Road to Damascus' to Paul (or Saul as he was known before his conversion).

Oil prices 'peaked' at $76 a barrel today as traders cashed in on the latest crisis (despite the fact that there is plenty of oil available).


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