Saturday, July 15, 2006

Boycott Israel: terror state must be stopped

Above: Criminal Israeli terror attack on Lebanese village.

Britain has been supplying the terrorists in Israel with arms worth £23 million a year. The death supplies are being used to commit assassinations and bomb outrages targeting civilians, which have killed hundreds of people.

Security experts say that these weapons, in the hands of the Israeli killers, have probably caused the same amount of death and carnage as the '7/7' London bombings - times one hundred at least.

They also say the evil arms trade from Britain could encourage further attacks on London if the murder supplies for the Israeli terror network continue.

Don't support terrorism - boycott the following Israeli terrorist supporting companies: BOSS, 'Disney', 'Perrier', Coke, Libby's, Nestle, Selfridges & Co, Kleenex, Marks & Spencers, Kit Kat, Wonderbra, 'Loveable', Dr. Pepper, IBM, Gossard, 20th Centrey Fox, Starbucks, Timeberland, Lilt, Bana Republic, Schweppes - check all products and let your suppliers know you are boycotting all Israeli terrorist products.

The 'Boycott Israel Campaign' has a full list of companies trading with the Israeli terrorists.

Sixty seven British universities and colleges have investments in the arms trade according to the Campaign Against the Arms Trade.


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