Friday, July 21, 2006

israel: the neighbours from hell

Above: Anti war demonstrators in Israel protest at the attack on Lebanon - not all the neighbours are bad.

For ages it had been a very nice and peaceful area - so nice in fact that we called it the Holy Land.

Then the 'neighbours from hell' arrived, and ever since it has gone from bad to worse - and then from worse to Israel.

We tried to be friendly, but they were unpleasent, rude and selfish from the start, and it soon became apparent that they were also very violent and dangerous people.

We should have been alerted when the 'social workers' kept going on about how we should be nice to the new neighbours because they had been through a hard time and deserved a break.

They did not warn us that the new neighbours were a problem family that had been evicted from their previous home, and the one before that and the one before that.

The social workers did not tell us that our new neighbours were racists. Later we found out they even supported the Apartheid government in South Africa.

Nor were we warned that the new neighbours were religious crack pots who believed they, and they alone, were the chosen ones.

The authorities failed to tell us that our new neighbours were murders and killers and thieves.

We were not told that our new neigbours were child killers who would kill our children - and our childrens children.

God knows how many times we have had to call the police - but it seems they have been paid off, because instead of arresting the people next door causing all the trouble - they come for us.

These neighbours from hell have even taken half of our gardens and built a huge fence to stop us using the park - and still the council does nothing!

However now they have gone too far - they are trying to evict the Lebanese family on the other side and take over their house! They have been using what can only be described as terrorist tactics - the kids are terrified.

You'd have thought the police would finally do something - but instead the chief of police has said the trouble was started by us!

Still there is one good thing that could come out of this. After years of infighting it looks like the local Neighbourhood Watch is finally going to get it's act together.

They are going to teach the neighbours from hell a lesson - and send them back to hell where they came from.

Saturday July 22:
International Day of Action Against Israeli Aggression

UK: London; Whitehall Place, SW1, 12 Noon. (Nearest tube: Embankment. Please note there are some tube restrictions this weekend.) Route: Whitehall Place, Trafalgar Square, Pall Mall, Piccadilly, Berkeley Street, Grosvenor Square (by US Embassy), Park Lane, Hyde Park.

+ Emergency Demonstrations round the country: Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh, Exeter, Glasgow, Kirkcaldy, Manchester, Newcastle, Norwich, Sheffield, York.

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