Thursday, July 6, 2006

Nat West 3: Blair To Help After 'Suits' March on Home Office

Above: Police watch as top buisness 'Suits' march on the Home Office last week against the extradition of three ex Nat West employees to the USA on charges related to the Enron collapse. Now Tony Blair is going to try to help them according to a report in the Daily Telegraph which is running a campaign in their support.

Above: 'Reclaim the StockExchange' activists read radical 'underground' newspaper known to insiders as the 'FT' (Financial Times).

Above: Police warn demo organiser against subversive thoughts.

Above: Capitalist smokes protest cigar.

Above: David Bermingham, one of the 'wanted' three. He could spend the next two years rotting in a Texan jail - before the trial even starts.

Nat West Witness found dead after interview by FBI

Even the Queen is at risk.

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