Thursday, June 29, 2006

NatWest Three: British citizens lose extradition appeal - could be on next plane to Texan jail

Three British citizens who used to work for the Nat West bank, could have FBI snatch squads knocking on their doors any time from now, after their appeal to the European Court of Human Rights against being extradited to the USA was rejected on Monday.

Their case is the latest in a series of 'kidnapping' attempts by the US government in Britain including Gary McKinnon (see below), and Mark Emery (in Canada), which leaves many people wondering if national sovereignty means anything anymore. Or are we all just colonial subject-slaves of the 'Burger' Empire?

Thanks to a one sided 'fast track' extradition procedure agreed by the disgraced Home Secretry David Blunkett in 2003, originally to deal with 'terrorist' suspects, the US can 'kidnap' anyone from Britain without offering any evidence against them what so ever. Yet if Britain wants to extradite anyone from the USA, US citizens are protected until adequate evidence is provided.


The case has outraged top City buisness supporters of the NatWest Three so much that they have quickly organised what may be an 'illegal march' on the Home Office today.

The demo may be illegal under new laws (Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005) which require one weeks notice before any demonstration near the Houses of Parliament.

The march, which could be the smartest dressed demo ever, is even supported by Sir Digby Jones, the Chairman of the CBI. He says the three 'wanted' men "represent no threat to society, yet they will be banged up in a US prison with rapists and drug addicts, deprived of their liberty for up to two years even while a case is compiled."

Apparently organisers of the demonstration has been warned by the Police that anything except business suits i.e. tshirts, placards, slogans etc. "will not be tolerated".

The Nat West three are accused of being involved in the American Enron scandal and organising the "biggest ever bank robbery in Britain". They face rotting in a US jail, eating junk food for 28 years.

One of the 'wanted' felons, Gary Mulgrew, is the son of Trish Godman, the Scottish parliament’s deputy speaker, and Labour MSP for West Renfrewshire. His son Calum keeps a home made 'spear' under his bed - to fight off the FBI agents if they come to take his dad away.


Gary McKinnon (pictured right), discovered that major Pentagon computer networks were not even protected by a pass word much less a fire wall. He found anyone could get in - and with no more computer skills than that required to log on to MSN. And like almost anyone with a modicum of curiosity, Gary checked it out. He did not have to 'hack in' to the Pentagon computers; all he had to do was 'click in'. If anything he did the Americans a big favour in showing up a major security threat which could have been used by terrorists. Instead he is being treated like a terrorist. Now he faces extradition to the USA, and spending 70 years in a top security American jail as the worlds 'top hacker'. When he was arrested he was originally told by 'relaxed' British police that the most he would get in Britain for his 'crimes' was six months - suspended. That changed when agents from the American 'gestapo' appeared. In May a British Judge ruled that Gary McKinnon should be extradited to the USA. Now his main hope is the European Court of Human Rights - the court which has just rejected the NatWest Three appeal.


THURSDAY 29th JUNE AT 5pm from the Institute of Directors in Pall Mall, marching to the Home Office in Marsham Street in Marsham Street, a short distance away. Dress smart - or be extradited.

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