Friday, June 9, 2006

football world cup to be every two years: what a day for a day dream - england to win

Above: will not be pleased to hear that there is a plot 'afoot' to stage the World Cup every two years.

Not only is there the 'G8' grouping of 'rich-while-the-rest-starve' nations, there is also the 'G14'; the 14 richest football clubs in Europe, and they have a plan to get a lot richer. It is code named 'Grand Slam World' and involves holding the World Cup twice as often.

The Financial Times (June 5th) reports that the first biennial World Cup could be in 2012.

The world domination plan for football involves the abolition of current qualifying matches for the World Cup and the continental championships. In Europe, national teams would be split into three divisions, with the top 16 competing for the European championship. The four worst performers from this group would be relegated to the second division for the next championship two years later, while the four best second tier teams would be promoted. Europe's representatives in the World Cup every two years would be the 12 best performers in the european Championship.

A Dutch consultancy firm called 'Hypercube' commissioned by the 'G14' has come up with the plan, which would bring massive profits - and a nightmare senario for the millions who hate football.

Uefa, the European body, said the proposals were "a direct assault on national teams".

Above: puppets on a string - footballers on a stick - or just gladiators for nike?


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