Wednesday, June 21, 2006

saving the whale pictures: how £60 saved a whale from being turned into fish curry

Most of the crew of a Greenpeace boat, the 'Arctic Sunrise' who tried to stage a protest about Japan's killing of whales, are today languishing in jail on the island of St Kitts.

The Greenpeace activists were caught in possession of 863 cardboard whale tails - one whale tail for every whale the Japanese "research" program killed in the Southern Ocean last season.

They were in the process of creating a symbolic 'whale graveyard' near the International Whaling Commission meeting being held on St Kitts when they were arrested by police, some armed with M-16 semi automatic rifles.

Greenpeace says that the Japanese will kill 1000 whales this year, despite an international protection agreement which Japan is trying to end - and in the mean time is ignoring, using 'research' as their spurious alibi for murder.

Below is the story of one whale that got away:

Above: This female 'whale shark' pictured on a beach in Kerela, India is officially a protected 'endangered species'. Instead it was in grave danger of being turned into fish curry after being brought in by fishermen who caught it in their nets.

Above: An 'auction' starts on the beach with restaurant and hotel owners bidding against each other for kilos of flesh.

Above: "I'll have that bit."

Above: "Greenpeace? No No, I'll take a 10 kilo piece".

Above: By this time the poor whale was about to die when the hero of our story, friend of schmoo, english women Sally appears wondering what all the fuss is about. No stranger to animal rights issues Sally is the inventor of a unique method of making silk which does not kill the silkworm like normal 'violent silk' does. She soon realises what is happening: "Put that back in the sea!" she shouts! But the fishermen explain they are selling it for food. Sally asks; "How much for the whole whale?" "5000 rupees" they reply. Above: "Done" says Sally. 5000 rupees is about £60.

Above: After being paid the fishermen agree to put the whale back out to sea. The whale is saved!

• Whale has the last word: Just as it is about to escape the whale flips it's tail - and knocks two of the fishermen unconscious!

• Double blubber: The story quickly spreads and is featured on local radio and TV stations as 'Tourist Saves Whale". The next morning Sally finds everything has doubled in price. The hotel and cafe owners think that if she can afford to save a whale she can afford to pay double for everything else! Almost broke, Sally had to leave, but her brave assertive action saved a whale, and shows what one individual can do, if they have the guts and gumpsion to do the right thing.

Read the latest about the imprisoned Greenpeace crew on their 'Arctic Sunrise' blog.href="" rel="tag">whales -

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