Thursday, June 8, 2006

Zarqawi: snuff movie maker, dies in pentagon war film

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the Jordanian snuff movie maker with a 'beheading fetish' who became famous for operating a controversial 'Internet Kill Room' from a studio in Iraq, has died - in a snuff movie made by the US Air Force.

The snuff film, with an introduction by US President George Bush, is being broadcast on TV tonight.

Zarqawi, who owned the 'MacDonalds/Al Qaeda' dead meat franchise in Iraq, started his film career runing a video shop in Jordan and was the 'Creative Director' for a prize winning internet 'affiliate advertising' campaign for the famous 'War on Terror' promotion.

Zarqawi, may have died in a 'friendly fire' accident which went horribly right.

Instead of blowing innocent women & children into bits of red meat, and missing their supposed actual target as is normal operating procedure, the American Air Force may may have got one of their best properganda assets.

The Pentagon say they killed Zarqawi using "intelligence", but Al Qaeda, who really knows how to spin (like they want to rock around the clock), are calling the death of their top man in Iraq, Zarqawi; 'joyas news".

Presumably the logic behind this is that Zarqawi is now a martyr having sex with innumberable virgins, and even more young arabs will be wanting to join his band.

It is another set back for George Bush - the price of oil went down on the news.

Share tip: Expect suicide bombing surge, oil stocks to go back up.

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