Saturday, June 10, 2006

england v paraguay: war on terror threat to england at world cup foiled

Britain watched in horror today as terrorists dressed in Paraguyian footballer gear attacked the English football team in Germany.

This time the attack was foiled, no thanks to the Mexican referee who was clearly a terrorist symthathiser and is now being held at a high security police station in North London.

"This was a clear attack on English interests worldwide which we believe could have been planned for up to four years in secret training camps all over the world" said a police spokesman who denied that the Mexican had been shot during his arrest while turning the pages of a book he was reading.

Intelligence sources say further attacks can now be expected every four or five days. They are especially concerned about teams of terrorists from Brazil, Germany, Italy and Argentina.

"These people are ruthless and will not hesitate to use violence to achieve their goals against England" said a commentator.

Meanwhile the propaganda war escalated today with the hardline isolationist Iranian Islamic regime offering santuary during the 'War On Terror 2006' to women all over the world. They have announced that in Iran men will be allowed to watch terrorist attacks on England - but not women.

England 1. Paraguay 0.


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