Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Bianca Jagger: "The answer is to get rid of Tony Blair"

BIANCA JAGGER, (pictured right at a 'Cease Fire' demo in London recently) was brilliant on the BBC 'News Night' program tonight.

She said that the problem with Blair's foreign policy is that it is "immoral" but "Violence (ie terrorism) is not the answer - the answer is to get rid of Tony Blair."

A few months ago schmoo would be slagging her off for not supporting the 'Best Prime Minister Britain Has Ever Had' - but not anymore.

For the good of the economy, for the good of the environment, our schools, our hospitals, our transport system, for the good of the Labour Party and for the good of the nation - Blair has to go now.

If Blair goes now he will be remembered the better for it, if he stays he could destroy all the good that he has done.


The longer Blair stays the more danger he puts us all in. His association with George 'Worse than Hitler' Bush is making Britain look like Italy in the Second World War. Does he want to be remembered as the 'British Mussulini ?

Let Tony Blair continue his holiday - forever.

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