Monday, August 14, 2006

Boy George: and he told schmoo "Your Crazy!"

Above: Boy George in New York after the bust. We are worried about him; why does he live in New York? Ever since 9/11 the place has not been fit for human habitation (full of asbestos dust) - and it is questionable that it was before. Big Apple? Rotten Apple more like. And now the Gestapo have got Boy George sweeping the streets! George! Wear a mask for gods sake! He should get out of the States before they open up the concentration camps. Once Boy George appeared out of the audience in London (on Oxford Street), and told 'schmoo' plus beautiful wife, then performing live as 'Hookers For Weed'; "Your Crazy!". What an accolade! That was a real honor, coming from such a loony genius. New York? Naaah - we love Boy George.

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