Friday, August 11, 2006

uk terror plot: beirut bomber link with london

Above: Least We Forget - the war crimes in Lebanon committed by the 'Axis of Evil' (Israel, USA & Britain) continue on a daily basis.

Hundreds of shoes were placed at the war memorial in London (pictured above) last weekend to represent the innocent civilian dead in the Lebanon murdered by the criminal Israeli terror machine. The action was part of an angry demonstration calling for an immediate ceasefire, which looks less likely with every day that passes.

Meanwhile, police in Lebanon are looking for a British born Christian who they say is involved in the bombings in Beirut that have 'dwarfed' the infamous '9/11' attacks in New York. They say there is a direct link to London, and they are looking for a man called Tony Blair.

terror plot news:
One good bit of news to report - the police managed to arrest 24 possibly innocent people - without shooting any of them!

Above: Permanent jobs available for all - even discredited politicians, war criminals and child killers considered (retraining + refresher courses in humanity will be required).

Todays war mongering lies level:

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