Monday, August 11, 2008

michail saakasjvili: arrest is possible says his astrology chart

According to Astropost who have done Michail Saakasjvili's astrology chart, the war criminal has a Sun-Uranus-Pluto combination which "is the recipe of major change in life (sometimes, BTW, in the shape of an attack or an arrest)".

Apparently Saakasjvili's wife has exactly the same Pluto influence (Pluto conjunct Sun) as her Drackula like husband, the effects of which "might include danger and it will change their lifes" says Astropost.

Even if astrology is not taken into account, the future for Michail Saakasjvili certainly does look deservedly bleak. After his evil but failed attack on the people of South Ossetia, Saakasjvili has picked up what astrologers call 'bad karma' by the graveyard full.

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