Sunday, April 15, 2007

this should be a good trip: the 14-Hour Technicolor Dream

Above: the fortieth anniversary of the 1967 '14-Hour Technicolor Dream' classic acid (LSD) party is on at the ICA, London, SW1, April 21. With original creators Hoppy and Miles, plus live music with The Amazing World of Arthur Brown, The Pretty Things, Circulus and Mick Farren!

Ironically (and sadly) it is 'The Times' owned by the devil worshiping 'News International' which has a fairly pure free blotter (article) about the event. Meanwhile 'International Times' (IT) the classic original 'underground', 'hippy' newspaper (when 'hippy' was not another term for 'wanker') to which Hoppy, Miles and Mick Farren all contributed, is long dead.

Bill Levy, another IT contributor who also co edited the radical 60's 'sexual subversive' erotic newspaper 'Suck' along with Germain Greer and others has a 'sex film' called 'Beyond Critism' previewed on YouTube.

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