Sunday, April 22, 2007

free bottle of reggae reggae sauce mailed to anyone who can give schmoo a joost invite

JOOST is a new way of watching TV using the Internet, and we want to try it out at the schmoo 'safe house', but the Joost people have a sneaky marketing trick.

This involves playing 'hard to get' and making punters who wish to download the free software, get an 'invite' from someone else. They expect people go trekking around the Blogosphere cap in hand, pan handling for a free invite.

All this 'social networking' stuff is already becoming over the top; a lot of it is just a waste of eyeball time. Apparently "Social Networking" might be over taking "sex" as the most common Google search; how sick can you get? We don't want to play Joost's sad little 'networking' game, we want to have real sex and watch real TV!

Here at the schmoo 'safe house' we don't have much time to waste, especially when there is a 'security clamp down' most nights due to intruders trying to get over the razor wire and past our firewall. So we want joost, and we want it now.

Therefore we have developed a brand new 'networking social' scheme; 'Bribe'. The 'Bribe' start up team thinks this could be the new Twitter! We are offering a free bottle of 'Reggae Reggae Sauce' (pictured above) to the first kind enlightened soul who sends us a free joost invite. We will post the 'Bribe' by traditional mail anywhere in the world. Just post a comment, and we will get back to you. Thanks a joost.


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