Saturday, March 24, 2007

anya hindmarch joins global warming swindle: bag wars erupt

Left: This bag is a lie, and the person who brought it is an ignorant fool.

Anya Hindmarch's so called 'eco' bag recently had fashion victims queuing up outside her very expensive shop/mental patients drop in centre, near Sloane Sq in London. These people were in fact victims of a massive fraud. The victims were told that they would be 'Saving the Planet' if they purchased the bag because it was not made of 'evil' plastic. What they were not told in this devious fraud was that the bag is made from one of the most environmentally damaging products known to humanity - cotton!

In fact Hindmarch's not even 'organic' cotton bag, is just the latest insult to human intelligence in the 'Great Global Warming Swindle', which now must be credited as being an even bigger fraud than the last American election.

Hindmarch's toxic cotton bag requires massive amounts of pesticides which kills both wild life and humans in underdeveloped countries so that slave camps using child labour in totalitarian China and elsewhere can supply the latest whims of a bunch of vile, spoilt brat, fashion victims.

Above: 'Sold Out' fashion criminals like Hindmarch are in fact no better than those who collaborated with the Nazi's in Hitlers Germany. They pontificate on being 'Eco friendly' while profiting from an industry that enslaves over a billion people to a life time of hard labour, miserable poverty, followed by an early grave due to some horrible disease caused by pollution.

Hindmarch even has the gall to sell a glossy book in her shop called 'Save The World for a Fiver' (Yea sure!) - and it is not even printed on recycled paper, much less with non toxic inks. It has brilliant, humanity saving ideas like "Turn the tap off when you are not using the water", or even more essential for human survival; "Buy a copy of this book for a friend." Save the World - don't buy this trash!

The hypocrisy of these climate change profiteers knows no bounds - for example in London's Dover Street Market the 'Hindmarch Toxic Bag' is on sale - in a plastic bag!

Above: Outside the 'Hindmarch Toxic Fraud Shop' a real eco activist models a hemp bag which is far more environmentally friendly than cotton. Do the 'We are What We Do' publicity spin quacks working for Hindmarch want to know about hemp? No! This is proof that they are indeed what they do - they are con merchants.

Above: This is not a plastic bag. It is the real thing. It is a bag made from 100% organic hemp, produced by the Hemp Shop. Due to her total disinterest in even learning about the environmental advantages of using hemp fabric, the arrogant 'Bag Lady' Hindmarch has become involved in a 'Bag Wars' with hemp activists who could have helped her actually achieve her stated aim.

Instead Hindmarch has made a strategic alliance with the CO2 belching supermarket giant Sainsburys to sell her toxic cotton bag in outlets all over Britain. Apart from being an even greater waste of time than voting for the Green Party, Hindmarch's bag is becoming an environmental disaster. This is because every time someone buys a 'Hindmarch Toxic Bag' - Planet Earth dies a little more.

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