Monday, March 19, 2007

bureaucratic bugs: national epidemic feared

Above: 12,000 medical doctors and supporters from all over Britain hit London over the weekend to protest at a 'sick' reform of the job application process devised by bureaucratic 'bugs' in the National Heath Department.

Meanwhile the bureaucratic bug epidemic has also hit the Education Department with what could be an even more serious infection. The main symptom is unnecessary and irrelevant demands by faceless officials to know the education details of the parents of university applicants.

This potentially deadly 'Burovirus' sweeping the Education Department resembles 'social engineering' education policies supported by the Nazis in Hitler's Germany, and the Maoists during the deadly 'Cultural Revolution' epidemic which devastated China in the 1960's.

Now all the signs are that the disease could reemerge in Britain - probably spread by the 'Green Nazi Party' virus which wants to ban freedom of travel except for the very rich, and supporters of the extremist 'National Liberalist Party' who want to put off making government decisions on national defence until 2014.

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