Monday, March 19, 2007

bring back Flintoff: or is UK a nation of drug addict and booze hypocrites? Err ... probably

Above: Stained glass window of a cricket player (photo taken in a London pub).

WELL PLAYED cricket star Ian Botham (a well known cannabis smoker) for slagging off the "hanging judges, snitches and do-gooders who shopped Freddie Flintoff and four of his England team-mates to newspapers for their late-night high jinks".

The hypocrisy of the press is unbelievable. Most of them are alcoholics and hard drug users and they dare to attack a sports athlete for getting pissed in a boat!

As Botham said in his excellent Daily Mirror article they "should get a life".

This is yet another example of the 'New Nazi' politically correct, moralistic ballshit brigade, ranting self righteously while they murder young children and get addicted to prescription drugs.

Meanwhile they 'make an example' of an honest sportsman. It's just not cricket.

• Interesting post on the possible murder of Bob Woolmer at Kerala Articles.
Seems there might be a link with the sudden death of Hansi Cronje, who was captain of the South Africa cricket team, and a book Woolmer was writing on match fixing.

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