Saturday, March 24, 2007

Google Earth executives, and you, could face up to five years in jail for these Radley Lake, UK pictures

Above and Below: WARNING: Just looking at these pictures of Radley Lake, Thrupp Lane, near Abingdon, UK, is illegal! This is true thanks to a High Court Ruling in favour of the energy company 'Npower', which wants to fill the beautiful lake up with toxic ash from its power station at Didcot. The company went to court using the 'Protection from Harassment Act, 1997'. The company claims it is so sensitive that it gets emotionally upset and feels 'harassed', even if someone just complains about the enviromental damage it is doing. The 'Harassment Act' is meant to protect people, including companies, from undue harassment, which is fair enough. However the law is not meant to be used to harass anyone who so much as takes a photograph or supports a protest campaign - but that is what is happening! Channel Four is reporting that under the court ruling given to 'Npower' you can get up to five years just for taking a photo of Radley Lake! This means therefore that these pictures downloaded from 'Google Earth' could mean the extradition of the owners of Google from their 'safe house' in California, to face serious charges in Oxford. It's mad!

schmoo says: we need protection from harassment - by people using the 'Protection from Harassment Act'.

Above: The grey stuff is where ash has already been dumped! Not satisfied with that 'NPower' now wants to destroy the last two remaining lakes. Are these people aliens from the dark side of Planet X?

Above: Nice place - but not for much longer unless a campaign supported by local residents is successful. To support them visit 'Save Radley Lakes Campaign' and sign the Save Radley Lakes Petition at the No 10 website. There is also local news & information at