Thursday, March 1, 2007

mystery petrol silicon contamination may be caused by contaminated 'weed' (cannabis)

Above: 'Silicon' skunk weed smuggled from Holland hidden in massive petrol containers may have contaminated the petrol with the silicon which has been damaging thousands of car engines in the Uk.

'Skunk' cannabis covered in tiny particles of silicon air blasted onto the herb to add extra weight is the subject of a government health warning. The deadly silicon weed has been reported all over Britain.

Now 'silicon' has been found in petrol all over Britain.

The tiny glass beads found on much of the weed are very similar to Zirconium Silicate Ceramic Beads - which ironically are used to make road markings.

Here at the 'schmoo' safe house we have given up smoking the 'wacky' stuff for over a year now and now feel almost normal, but recently a friend purchased some weed which stank of petrol!

Cannabis Prohibition and massive police action recently against cannabis growers in Britain may be ultimately to blame for the petrol disaster which has wrecked thousands of car engines. The police action has caused a national 'cannabis supply crisis' which has sent the price of the 'holy herb' to as much as £4000 a kilo.

Criminals in Holland have been taking advantage - and adding the silicon to increase their profits by at least 100%. Some people believe they may be the same people responsible for the deadly 'soap bar' adulterated cannabis resin which has been widely available in Britain for over 10 years and has been described as a health 'time bomb'.

Meanwhile thanks to the shortage of decent cannabis - the use of cocaine has gone through the roof. Cocaine is almost always adulterated - often with a drugs which are far more dangerous than the cocaine itself.

So, despite the fact I have given up smoking cannabis, and would advise everyone else to do the same (especially if they smoke every day, which many do), I still believe the best way to protect people's health is to legalise cannabis - and tax it to pay for the extra hospitals we will need thanks to prohibition.

Things have got so bad that now we will not only need extra hospitals thanks to cannabis prohibition - but extra garages as well.

The 'Legalise Cannabis Alliance' forum has a good thread on contaminated weed.

If any further 'proof' was needed, the dodgy fuel has been traced to 'Harvest Energy' who store fuel in a facility at West Thurrock, Essex shared with 'Greenergy'.

Cannabis Grandma threatened with eviction.