Monday, February 26, 2007

London Congestion Charge Con: Sainsburys paid £2 million to stay out of new C zone

Above: All cars are equal (and bad), but some cars are more equal (and worse) than others - like if they are going to Sainsburys in Ladbrook Grove.

The massive Sainsburys at Ladbrook Grove in West London, has been edited out of the new congestion charge zone by Ken Livingstone, allegedly after Sainsburys paid a fee of £2 million. If true the price should have been £2 Billion.

This is an act of urban terror! 'NATO' is never there when you need them.

Remember: The congestion charge is not only to stop traffic congestion but also lung congestion.

schmoo says: Ban all the terrorist cars from London except nice peaceful electric cars (including the new one that runs on air). childrens lives are at stake! It is like having a 'no shoes policy' in your house - leave the filthy things at the door (ie Watford or Richmond).

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