Sunday, February 25, 2007

london 'peace' march (of nice stupid wrong people)

Above: The 'Stop the War' march in London yesterday. As usual the organisers lied blatently about the numbers who attended, claiming over 100,000. It was more like 15,000 or less as Trafalgar Square was never totally full.

Above: Cartoon politics; would be funny, if it was not so seriously wrong. Hitler would have loved it, he used similar simplistic hate cartoons against the Jews (and gays).

Above: A 'peace' fashion victim. Millions of people died fighting for freedom so she can look like a zombie junkie vampire. Having the Atom Bomb as a deterrent stopped a terrible war with Russia so we could enjoy the 60's and 70's (and the 'summer of love' in the 80's). Having the Bomb enabled us to turn the 'Cold War' into real peace in Europe, and hold back the forces of totalitarianism masquerading as 'communism'. Well intended as most of it's followers were, CND was wrong in the 60's, wrong in the 70's, wrong in the 80's, and is even more wrong now.

Above: Tony Benn. Nice bloke, pity he has wasted so much of his time (and a lot of other people's) supporting hopeless and miss guided causes.

Above: Like many on the 'anti iraqi people' march and in the 'Old Left', the '9.11 Truth Campaign' is anti Israeli and anti Zionist which is fair enough. But then they ruin everything by regurgitating the classic anti semitic 'Jewish Conspiracy Theories' which brought the National 'Socialists' to power in Hitlers Germany. Notice how one of the 9.11 'supporters' is talking on a phone - he is obviously acting as a 'spotter' feeding information to the two members of the dreaded 'men in yellow' secret police death squads behind him ( they are trawling for victims to take to concentration camps already set up in Essex for when the war in Iran starts).

Above: We should be marching to demand human rights, justice and freedom in Iraq, and an end to the evil death squads run by religious bigots. We should be marching to demand equality for women as well as racial and sexual minorities. We should be demanding the same basic human rights and freedom of expression in Iraq and the rest of the Middle East as we take for granted in Britain and the rest of the western world. "Troops Out" is a cynical call to abandon any hope of freedom and peace for the people of Iraq and the rest of the middle east. We should be marching to support the real freedom fighters - our troops - and those who are risking their lives everyday in the struggle against fundamentalist fascism and perverted religion.

Instead there was not one speach which even attempted to address the true interests of the Iraqi people, 50% of whom are under the age of 15.

Instead we were treated to an endless stream of sanctimonious, self important and ignorant speeches, full of rubbish and lies. They say Tony Blair is a "Bliar" and maybe they are right (although I doubt it very much), but this so called 'Stop the War' campaign is the biggest lie of all - to the point of treason.

Above: 'U.S. vs THEM' a solo exhibition by Ben Turnbull, Lazarides Gallery, 8 Greek St, Soho, London W1D 4DG. Not bad for a bunch of trendy Fartists.

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