Thursday, December 21, 2006

banksy: laughing all the way to the bank

Above: Santa as 'Satan' by Banksy at his 'Santa's Grotto', art super market in Oxford Street, London. Macdonalds logo reflected in the window from across the street.

By bringing 'radical' images to the main stream, Banksy has done for 'anti establishment' populist 'art' what the Body Shop did for soap, and Virgin did for airlines and trains.

To take advantage of the Christmas comsumer hysteria, Banksy has opened his version of an 'art' Tescos next to Tottenham Court Road Tube station, in London, bringing his brand of witty but shallow and simplistic political statements to the 'Oxford Street' sewer.

Amusing and worth a visit, but the John Lewis kitchen ware department is more revolutionary, and never knowingly under sold - unlike banksy barclays.

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