Sunday, February 25, 2007

Jade Goody is innocent ok!

Above: Like something out of 1984, Jade Goody was made into 'Hate Person of the Week' recently in an outragous national media lynching, during which just about everyone had a go at giving the poor woman a good kicking in public.

And now they are busy making her into a 'Non Person' - the miserable creeps are even writing her out of Comic Relief! Long live the Party! Long Live Big Brother!

I would just like to say that I support Jade 100% - her outburst of fury was NOT racist. Shilpa Shetty is a stuck up, spoilt, bitch. In fact SHITTY has a nerve even mentioning racism or bullying considering that India, with it's disgusting caste system, and millions of impoverished people, is one of the most racist, cruel, and oppressive countries in the world.

I just hope Channel Four is paying for Jades therapy - although frankly the Priory is a total ripp off!

And as for Ken Livingstone calling for Big Brother to be banned for racism! What total Baloney! I used to admire Livingstone, but now I think he is a low life snitch, a hypocrite, and a shameless band wagoner, worse than Gordon Brown or even George Galloway. Presumably he is trying to ape his hero President Chavez Stalin the Second, who has recently closed down an opposition TV station in Venezula. I used to admire Chavez too; now I am begining to wonder.

Livingstone's hypocracy was unbelievable - and no one even mentioned it as they were too busy 'Happy Snapping' themselves committing 'Grevious Mental Harm' on Jade. After all it was not so long ago that Livingstone himself went OTT (a bit like the amazing exploding Jade) when he (perfectly rightly I thought), compared a repulsive Evening Standard reporter who happened to be jewish to a concentration camp guard.

'Shut Up Your Face' Ken 'Newt Mouth' Livingstone. Stop being so PC, you pigeon! This was the best ever series of Big Brother.

Cheer up Jade. You are beautiful! Your honesty deserves a Knighthood. Go to India and make a documentary.

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