Tuesday, March 27, 2007

iranian kidnapping: iran starts to back down as blair goes on the war path

Above: Do we have a war date with Iran? Here at the schmoo safe house we have been stockpiling emergency supplies ever since Bush fiddled the last US election - in fact we've been waiting so long that some of the brown rice has gone off.

This latest incident is yet another example of the current authoritarian Iranian religious police state being run by a load of 'islam-o-fascists'. How dare they kidnap our boys and even one of our women! This the action of cowards. But with 'Braveheart' Blair now obviously ready to kick in their front door if necessary, the Iranian 'Revolting Guard' women stealers are already beginning to back down. Today they said the British incursion into Iranian waters "might, or might not" be intentional. Unless things go very pig shaped we can expect the British kidnap victims to be released after a suitable face saving period of Iranian ballshit.

It is amazing how so many so called 'left wingers' (they are nothing of the sort) have such double standards. Mention the idea of Britain having nuclear power or Trident and your average trendy, do gooder 'liberal' (in fact very reactionary) twit has a fit. They start giving the district impression that if they were in power 'schmoo' would be in a prison camp in Essex run by George Galloway. That's one reason why, like over 1000 AWOL British troops, schmoo will be staying 'on the run' for the foreseeable future.

Yet when it comes to Iran having the bomb and nuclear power it is all a different matter for these masochistic political fashion victims, with a fetish for self flagellation at the slightest excuse. Suddenly it is 'Iran's inalienable right' bla bla bla .... It is not surprising that trendy club nights like the 'Torture Gardens' do so well - these people love being whipped.

These trendy 'liberal', insult to the true left, 'pacifist' hypocrites hate the Church of England and the Pope, they call themselves 'feminists' and are deeply concerned about the increase in gay bashing. Some of them even have the nerve to call themselves 'anarchists' (anesthetists more like), yet these political band wagon jumpers go out of their way to support homophobic Islamic fundamentalist nutters, who love the death penalty and chopping off body parts for things like stealing a bottle of Budweiser, and have a thing about locking up women in their own homes, and taking away their passports.

This 'double think' is weird - and it is dangerous.

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