Monday, March 19, 2007

israel & palestine friendship: funny faces peace project

Above and below: A ray of good humour for a change from the 'UnHoly Land'; instead of hate and insults and violence ...funny faces and a breath of fresh air! Jesus! Whats happened? Has the devil gone on holiday? No chance - instead it's all thanks to the 'Face 2 Face Project' which aims to bring Israelis and Palestinians together, instead of them being blown apart with bombs. In the latest ongoing project 30ft high images of Israelis and Palestinians making funny faces have been posted on both sides of the security wall.

More photos at face2faceproject

Life is a Miracle! For more hope for the future check out Pato Banton, a great Reggae singer who uses music to promote a message of unity and universal peace. Pato recently hosted an 'Ecological Reggae' event in the 'Holy Land' and a video of him singing 'Life is a Miracle' is posted on YouTube.


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