Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Guido Fawkes: factually wrong

Above: The usually brilliant blogger Guido Fawkes whose YouTube Post of Gordon Brown picking his nose currently has over 75 thousand hits, was soundly beaten on points in a 'News Night' discussion tonight by Jeremy Paxman and Michael White, the Assistant Editor of the Guardian.

As usual Paxman was bang on target and correctly spotted that Guido was 'naively conspiratorial", while Fawks, who is actually Mr Paul Staines, proved the point by insisting on appearing in darkness as if he was a criminal.

Michael White brilliantly took Fawks to task for falsely picking on John Prescott over the Dome and his sex life, plus often getting his facts wrong, for example about the supposed 'second email' system at No 10, which turned out not to exist.

"Sometimes the blogosphere is a waste of space, just abuse." said White. Oh dear, he's been reading schmoo! "Sometimes its brilliant" he added, but viewers of News Night got the distinct impression he did not mean the parinoid Guido Fawks.

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