Wednesday, March 28, 2007

twitter twitter on the wall, who is the biggest twitter of them all?

Are you already in danger of becoming a 'Twitteraholic? Apparently this is the terrible fate that awaits you if you join 'Twitter', the latest addictive 'hit' on the web.

And what is 'Twitter'? It is a kind of 'Class A' minimalist blogging 'digital high' for internet exhibitionists, many of whom may be already addicted to the 'gateway' chat and 'text' communication modes.

On 'Twitter' only a very short message line is allowed in each 'post', so like 'crack(er)' users, Twitter addicts are constantly chasing the next high.

schmoo has just joined Twitter - I blame it on my disturbed adulthood. May Shiva help me if I am now on the road to becoming a shameless Twitter junkie - in fact a 'twit'!

For a more rational, less 'Twitter' zonked, and longer explanation does a good job.