Friday, June 8, 2007

bag war two: more climate change profiteers exposed

RECENTLY schooo exposed the Anya Hindmarch 'this is not a plastic bag' campaign with Sainsburys as an unethical climate change profiteering con trick. A few days later the 'Evening Standard' put the story on their front page.

Bag War Two: Now we have discovered yet another 'this is not a plastic bag' green wash toxic con trick .....

Above: The stall at the recent 'Green' Fair in Regents Park looks 100% 'cool', but closer inspection finds it to be yet another climate change profiteering, 'greenwash', G8 style eco fraud.

Onya Bags imply they are selling 'eco friendly' non-plastic bags, but in fact, when questioned, they had to admit that the bags are made from polyester ... which is a form of plastic!

Above: These so called 'eco friendly' bags are made from toxic plastic using petroleum products which contribute to rising global Co2 levels, and are not biodegradable.


When schmoo complained to the Onya stall holders that the 'eco' bags were in fact made from plastic they got very aggressive in typical 'green = mean' style; so not only are they are not 'eco', they are not friendly either.

Apparently (according to them) if you question the use of petroleum products (ie plastic) in a bag claiming to be 'eco friendly' you are being 'negative'. In fact not only are their bags made from plastic, but the sign pictured above saying "CAUTION plastic bags are not cool" ... is made from plastic!

Never the less, these climate change profiteers claim their bags are 'eco friendly' because if you re use their bag you don't have to use other plastic bags - but that is true if you simply reuse any plastic bag (or a pillow case).

According to their website (which grotesquely uses kids in their 'green' sales propaganda), they claim to have sold over 380,000 bags, as if this was a good thing, when in fact it is just another mini eco disaster. They estimate that re using their bag will save the use of 1000 plastic bags, and therefore claim to have prevented the use of 380 million plastic bags! This is typical 'greenwash', and nowhere do they admit that their own bag is made from petroleum products. Instead they say it is made from "parachute silk" which sounds fairly good (although most silk is far from eco friendly) - but modern parachutes are not made from silk, they are made nylon , a synthetic product using petroleum products.

In fact the planet would be a lot better off if everyone just reused an already manufactured plastic bag supplied by a supermarket - but then these climate change profiteers would not make any cash. And, if their sales claims are true, so far they could have made over £1 million pounds profit selling their toxic eco con bags at over £6 each.

In an attempt to be friendly (and help save the planet), schmoo suggested that they started making their bags from hemp instead - but as further proof that these people do not really care about the environment - they did not even want to know.

Fact: It is possible to make plastic from hemp oil.
Hemp knickers.

Watch Out - climate change con merchants are operating near you.

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